Topic: Gallery does not appear on FireFox

Hi all,
I recently bought simpleviewer,
my gallery works just fine with IE but not with firefox, it is built dinamically with a new xml file and thumbnails at every call of a page.
I only see two thumbnail empty frames and nothing else
While on my local PC Firefox also works showing SV correctly

anybody can help ?

if you find it useful here is the website:

many thanks

Re: Gallery does not appear on FireFox

I guess you got it fixed - it works here in FF.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Gallery does not appear on FireFox

Yes, I was deleting every previous xml file everytime I create a new one.
It seems as Firefox reads the content of the page twice (I still don't know why).
So the second time the content is generated, the xml file simpleviewer looks for does no more exist.
I solved by deleting only xml files older than 5 minutes.

thank you for your attention