Topic: Make Caption "Follow" Lower Left Corner of Main Im

I was able to use code provided in an earlier thread to position the caption below the main image.  (Using SV Pro and Flash8 ) However, the caption position is static even when images are different sizes ... if my album has portrait, landscape, and square images, I want my caption to appear the same distance below each image, aligned with the lower left corner regardless of the image dimension.  Also, I want the width of the caption to be the width of the main image being displayed.

Is this possible?  Can the image caption be dynamically positioned depending upon the displayed size of the main image?

Here's the code change I've already made to

Changed this:

//mCaption_mc.txtText._width = mThumbArea.width;
//mCaption_mc._x = thumbX;
//mCaption_mc._y = thumbY + mThumbArea.height +mThumbArea.navHeight + Thumb.padding;                   
To This:
mCaption_mc.txtText._width = mImageArea.width - 100;
mCaption_mc._x = thumbX  + mThumbArea.width  + Thumb.padding + 100;
mCaption_mc._y = imgY + imgH;