Topic: gallerydata.xml problem

Pardon if I express myself incorrectly, I want to make a question:

I have a problem with the AutoViewer, and is the gallerydata file, I want to put in a same folder different archives flash done by AutoViewer but they use he himself file XML, the gallerydata. Then my problem is that I need a different gallerydata for each file flash, therefore what I must do for being able to use different gallerydata in the same folder?

Because if change the name of the gallerydata file no longer leaves correctly the file to me flash, where changes so that it reads another gallerudata file to me but with another name? (for example: gallerydata2 or gallerydata3) I appreciate much your attention, I need to know it already, because it is for a page Web that I must give already.


Re: gallerydata.xml problem

I have the exact same problem!

I use php includes for the header and footer and if I put the 2 sepearate viewer files in different directories my header and footers don't work because it seems I have to have the .swf file in the same directory as the page...

please can you explain how to do this Felix??