Topic: In HTML, Need side scroll

I have successfully loaded simpleviewer into my site, but I need a scroll bar on the right.  Because of the header on my website, the simpleviewer is down further on the page.  For some reason, it gets rid of the page scroll bar.  How do I add the scroll bar back onto the page?

Here is my mock-up page: … ndex1.html

Thanks for your help!

Re: In HTML, Need side scroll

In the header section of the html page, remove the "overflow: hidden;" line and that should take care of it. Also, that page you linked to doesn't exist, but it does if I change it to "index.html".

Re: In HTML, Need side scroll

I've tried deleting the whole line and I've tried overflow: scroll but neither works.  A scrollbar still doesn't appear.

Re: In HTML, Need side scroll

well, i couldn't post the webpage, but you can view it and the source code by going to skypix (dot) biz.  The portfolio page.