Topic: About the name of pictures

Hi !
Well, my problem is the following : I'd like to erase the pictures' name  displayed at the bottom of the thumbnails.

See the screen capture above witch sum up the problem

Thanks a lot for help
PS : English language is not maternal language for me !

Re: About the name of pictures

I think you *might* be able to move the captions above the thumbnails if you're using the PRO version of simpleviewer, but I'm not positive as I don't have the PRO version; the PRO notes say you can modify the X/Y coordinates of the caption placement.

You can change the caption text by modifying the XML file though, even without the PRO version. Change the text in between each <caption></caption> tag set. At least that way they won't be called xxx_xxx.jpg.

Re: About the name of pictures

Well thks for advise  :D
I succed : to erase names of pictures (ex: IMG_XXXX.jpg), just delete this line "<caption><%itemCaption%></caption>" in the file "imageNode.xml"

Thks !