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Is there any tool that will automatically generate a simpleviewer gallery with thumbs? Like there is with this product:

I like SVPro but it's a pain too build a large gallery and if you need to resize the images or the thumbs it's really painful...


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Hi, there are a number of ways to generate SV galleries automatically via desktop software or via a server-side script. Check here: … truct.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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As a Photographer/Application Developer in the UK I find SimpleViewer an excellent tool to showcase my images over the net. But and the biggest but is that it is time consuming to generate galleries specific for clients. Ok I could of done some coding and put a database behind the scenes to sort out this problem but you then have to create admin screens etc to add new galleries.

This is why I set about creating a tool which automatically builds albums by just simply setting a few properties onscreen, telling my tool where the image directory is and then click the go button. Instantly I have an album ready to be deployed to my webserver for a specific client.

Although my tool is not quite finished it's very close. I have been delayed slightly with the coding around resizing thumbnails and images. This is pretty well done now. Ok, it needs some polishing but I should have something ready real soon.

I am looking for a few beta testers. If your interested please message me.



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Sorry just wanted to mention that Porta is a similar tool accept that the tool I am putting together allows you to directly configure all the xml options from the preferences. Once configured all options are rememberd allowing you to create additional albums in only a few clicks. Also you can configure the location of the viewer.swf so you can use a customised version each time you create an album.

Re: Automatic gallery generation

Sounds very promising! :)
Looking forward to your tool (if you're going to hand it out that is).