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hello everyone !
I have a problem with my pictures created using Picasa. The quality is lower.
I've made a test : Picasa + simple viewer = bad quality
                        : Porta + simple viewer = good quality

The two tests have been made with the same pictures at the same size (640*480) (I've read the FAQ q7 about the size of pictures in a flash configuration)

Picasa or simple viewer compresses the pictures at a low level (maybe at 75 or 80)
Porta allow a control on that quality parameter.

Is it possible to set it (for Picasa + simple viewer) ?

See above a capture of the matter:

Thks a lot

Edit : I've noticed the same with the thumbnails (loss of quality and details)

Re: Quality of JPGs

UP  :)

Re: Quality of JPGs


It looks like Picasa is compressing the images when it creates the web album. I don't know of a way to configure the compression settings in Picasa. So, if you want to control the compression settings, I would use Porta instead.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Quality of JPGs

ok thanks for you answer

Re: Quality of JPGs

I resize with a third party program (ACDSEE) at 800X600 or 1024X768 and in picasa select original photos (no resize)

once teh gallery is created, simpley delete the dummy directory.

I can create galleries in about 2 minuets after resizing and creating in picasa

Now that there is script online to have photo bucket on simpleviewer, i resize in my third party application, upload to photobucket, and use photo bucket as my hosting website.