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Problem: When I go to one of my galleries through the links I've created on my website, the galleries work fine.  However, if I type in a URL to go directly to the gallery, a significant problem occurs.  The gallery appears, but I can't click on anything!  The cursor remains an arrow and does not turn into a hand and clicking does nothing whatsoever. 

For instance, if you go to my homepage at, click on "galleries," and then click on any of the galleries (let's use "Americas" for this example), you will be sent to a properly working gallery.  Although you'll be taken to /Americas, the URL will still read in association with the top utility frame.  However, if you type in the direct URL,, it loads, but does not work!

What is the reason for this strange anamoly?  How can I fix it?  Please help!

Re: Can't Click Anything

Looks like Microsoft made a security patch that hoses the simpleviewer controls.  There is a patch for the patch, but you can't really ask all of your users to do that garbage.  The patch is installed auto if you have your settings this way.  Have you tried your galleries in FireFox or Safari?  I would be willing to bet they work on those browsers.

Perhap Airtight has an idea for a solution?  Please?

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Re: Can't Click Anything

Please check the FAQ, Q1: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.