Topic: Problems with Netscape


Simpleviewer works fine in all browsers except for netscape - it shows the "you need flash"-message. I do have the latest flash plug in installed and can see other flash contents on the internet with NN. I also tried other simpleviewer galleries on the net and the original download version - they didn't work.

Any ideas? I would be thankfull for some help!

Re: Problems with Netscape


I don't personally use netscape, do other people's SV galleries show up on netscape at all? Usually the "you need flash" message is from a coding error in the html file or because you don't have the latest flash driver needed (I find more often it's the code error, some browsers don't accept the same function for code as others do, ex. 100% Vs. 540 px) Could I take a look at your site and see if anything might pop to my mind as to help?

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