Topic: jpg quality and file size

hi all,
i'm using SimpleViewerAdmin v1.3, it works fine but i have this one problem:
i make my jpg files size smaller in photoshop by reducing image size and quality with the "save for web" command to have fast downloading images, but when i upload them in the gallery the files are being saved having significantly larger size, as if their quality was set back to 100% by the admin uploader.

for example a 73kb jpg will become 202kb when uploaded by the SimpleViewerAdmin page. (i can see the increased size with my ftp program)

i searched the code to find what i have to tweak to avoid this but had no luck, and i can't find a similar post either...
is there anybody out there who can help?
thanx :!:

Re: jpg quality and file size

at last! after exhaustive search i found the line i was looking for...

SimpleViewerFunctions.php   line 982:   $quality  = 100;

i found that if i change the quality value to 80 then i can upload the images produced by tweaking quality (e.g. 50 instead of 100) in photoshop's save for web, at aproximately the same file size as they were saved from photoshop.

actually this setting will produce the same small file size irrespective of whether the image was saved from photoshop with quality=50 or quality=100

now all the images i upload in my gallery are just 40-75kb
coooooool! :D