Topic: Set File Permissions

Hi, I'm new to SimpleViewer as well as PHP and haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Well I'm using PHP as my build script. As the Web Server Instructions #7 says to:

Set file permissions/attributes on the build script, gallery.xml and thumbs folder to 'read/write/execute' for all levels (777). You can do this with your FTP program, check the documentation.

I don't understand how to do that. If someone could show me where it says that in those particular files I'd really appreciate it.


Re: Set File Permissions

FTP program is any ftp client that allows you to transfer, modify and do any regular administration, including chmod or setting permissions  with your files and folders. ask your host if they have cpanel, exim, or directadmin and the likes that will allow you to manage your site thru a browser, that's easier and more comprehensive than standalone ftp. otherwise you have to download and install ftp programs like winscp, wsftp, just google around 'download free ftp', or in the worst scenario, firefox has fireftp add-on, though slower than regular ftp due to javascript handlings. then just ask your host your ftp address and do your settings with those ftps. when you are in, you can chmod or set permissions. i suggest you set your files and folders to 755, at most, and chmod back sensitive files to 644 at most after you finished running your build script and editing, just for security reasons. cheers