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Actually i was wondering is there anything i can modify in the actionscript code to allow the display of png's?
flash 8 supports png's now so i was wondering if i could make a change to the image script and get support for png's?
would this have to be a whole recode? or some function replacements to allow png support?
I need png's with my gallery because i need to be able to display pictures that have say a 68000 color count and jpg always drops it down to 60000 which drains the color out.
I use drupal and i dont think i can convert png to swf, but if someone has heard of that please let me know.
i need to be able to display high resolution images with simpleviewer, this is a sweet program, but its a necessity.
thanks for your help.

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I don't believe SV Pro 1.8 differentiates between the content you feed it. It's simply going to display what you tell it to display, e.g. JPEG bitmaps, PNG bitmaps or SWF content.

In your gallery.xml, for instance, if you include references to PNG files then SV will display them. Just like JPEGs; put a copy in the thumbs folder and the images folder. Same goes for SWF content.

There is no code in SV that respects one file type over another (that I could see). And everything works; the nav arrows, the dogear symbol, framing -- everything.

All you need to do in your Flash editing environment is publish for Flash Player 8. Your viewer.swf file, and the version of Flash Player loaded on the target computer, determine whether you can view PNG graphics in SV.

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Hello new here .png would be great!

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Re: Support for PNG's

PNGs are supported in SimpleViewer v1.8.5

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.