Topic: Opening a SimpleViewer Slideshow in a table ...

In Dreamweaver, I created a table in which one of the boxes contains a SimpleViewer Slideshow. Under Safari and Firefox, I get a "Gallery Not Found" or "Gallery Loading" error message. The slideshow works fine when I select the index.html file. I have copied and pasted the two segments of the code (one indentifying the script in the header, the other the actual script in the body) from the index.html file into my Dreamweaver file as recommended by FAQ #11. The result is a link in my table that opens the slideshow in another window. How do I get the "viewer" to see the gallery.xml and open in the table itself?

Note: In the table box I inserted a Flash placeholder linked to the "viewer.swf." I have also specified the imagePath="images/" and thumbPath="thumbs/" in the gallery.xml file. All the SimpleViewer files are in one folder as they were originally downloaded.

Thanks in advance