Topic: Admin please help - Simpleviewer color loss issues

I am working on a photography web site.
When i view the image in photoshop it has some really deep colors, however when i load the image in simpleviewer it seems like its loosing a bit of the red color channel?
has anyone heard of this?

when my customer told me that the picture looked washed out i thought they must be wrong, however when i installed photoshop and looked at the pictures that they took in photoshop (which is the program they use in their photography studio on a mac) i saw the same thing. the red color channel is lower or something, but the images definantly look washed out in comparison.

i think it might have something to do with the browser and operating system, however they have another site and when they log onto it with their mac and look at the photo's they dont look washed out. i use dreamweaver and windows for design, and apache, php 5.0 w/ gd library and imagemagick on the server, and for the website i use Drupal with a custom template design and simpleviewer for the gallery.

i am not sure where the change is taking place, i thought it could be on the server when the image is uploaded however my customer tells me that when they go to view the image on the site gallery instead of using the flash gallery component, the image looks fine, its only when they go to the flash gallery that there is an issue with color loss.

i thought it might be flash itself however their other web site uses flash and there is no color loss on there, so is there something in the simpleviewer code that is affecting the image colors? maybe the resize function?

any help would be greatly appreciated, i have spent a week on this image issue and need to finish up this project.
i really like simpleviewer and i will continue to recommend its purchase to my customers when i design a site for them that requires a gallery.


Re: Admin please help - Simpleviewer color loss issues

Are you on mac/safari?

On my machine (PC/FF + IE) there is no color difference between the original JPG and the JPG as displayed in SimpleViewer.

Some users have reported a difference in colors between Safari and SV. Check here for a possible solution: … php?t=2456

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Admin please help - Simpleviewer color loss issues

So i think i found part of the issue.
The pictures are taken on a very very nice camera, after that they import them into adobe photoshop which imports the raw images, then they save them in the psd format after they professionally edit them.

when i look at the images in photoshop they are very colorful and clear, if i open them in painshop pro 11 though they loose alot of color, so i went in and modified the images in photoshop and saved them using the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and set the color management policy to convert to working RGB.

once i did that and uploaded them to simpleviewer they looked alot nicer. you can actually see the diffrence between the two photo's however they are still missing some channels i cant really see the difference but my customer is a professional photographer so i swear she can see if one out of a million colors is wrong. but its all good, i'd like to get it perfect too.

do you know off the top of your head if the resizing might affect color or clarity? and where is the code if you dont mind? maybe i can write a patch for this specific deal, if i can load in the picture without the resizing it might help, so if you could let me know where the function is called for the loader that would rock,

Re: Admin please help - Simpleviewer color loss issues

Well i rewrote the function to remove the resizing of the image to try and keep clarity, we'll see what my photographer says.
if anyone wants to know the rewrite let me know.