Topic: PHP / include('') problem


I have a problem when i use the include('index.html'); function off php.

If i launch the index.html file directly it works, but if i include the file in an other php file, i always receive the error message "simpleviewer(??) requires Macromedia Flash Plug-in".

Any idea ?

Thank you.


ps : autoviewer is the greatest

Re: PHP / include('') problem

I'm having the same issue. In trying to avoid building a frames-based site (multiple galleries for friendlier browsing), I'm trying to use a php include and get the same Flash plugin message.

Is it possible to modify the code from index.html and add it to a page so that Autoviewer will display? The app is brilliant, I'd love to use it.

Re: PHP / include('') problem

That's because of the paths I think..
Were is your index.html? and were is your php file?  Are they in the same folder?