Topic: No right click - NOT WORKING?

Hi there my gallery is here:

Checked the .xml file and RightClickEnable is already set to "false"

Yet when I refresh the browser the flash loads and it can still be opened in new window/saved?

What am I doing wrong?!?!!
Thanks in advance.

Re: No right click - NOT WORKING?

you have to clear your cache to see the latest changes.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: No right click - NOT WORKING?

direct to the gallery.xml in your browser and press refresh, it will update that file in your cache.


also, i would rename the files in your image folder to something other than the default.

Also a nice thing to do is keep the original filenames from your camera as it would be an easy reference … ages/1.jpg for example is very easy to goto.

unfortunately if the person knows simple viewer, going to gallery.xml from the root will give the path and filename of the images.