Topic: Blue background to simpleviewer gallery in Frontpage


I can't for the life of me work out why when I insert my simpleviewer gallery into frontpage that it previews in frontpage with a blue background.

Even though I have been through the source code in both the simpleviewer template (before creating the gallery) and the source code of the finished simpleviewer gallery to make sure it's all white (to go with my frontpage background) - it still comes up blue.

When I create the gallery and it displays the example in internet explorer it's white like it should be.

Just this blue background appears when I insert the gallery into front page and preview it.

After countless hours of troubleshooting I'd be REALLY GRATEFUL to anyone that can help!!!!

Frustrating thing is I've solved this problem once before through trial and error and can't rememeber how!!  :(

Re: Blue background to simpleviewer gallery in Frontpage

<param name="BGCOLOR" value="#ENTER DESIRED HEX HERE" />