Topic: Can someone steal the photos from SimpleViewer ?


I am developping a site for a photographer who is wondering if is going to insert a watermark in every photo because he doesn't want them to be stolen by visitors…  :?

I am not sure, I think it's not possible to do that but because it's in Flash…

Do you confirm or give me good advises to secure my photographer work ?

Thanks a lot :rolleyes:

Re: Can someone steal the photos from SimpleViewer ?

Yes it's possible to copy the photos from SimpleViewer, although it's not as easy as copying an image from a HTML page. Basically anything that is on your computer screen can be copied via 'print screen', however this is more work than a right-click 'save as...'.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Can someone steal the photos from SimpleViewer ?

If your client is concerned his images may be "stolen," i.e. by a circumventing any payment mechanism installed on the site, his concerns are valid. Most any content rendered in a browser can be "acquired."

Simply put, all I need to do is browse the contents of your gallery.xml file, and I'll see the path and file names of your photographer's images. It's not rocket science.

And please note this is not the fault of Airtight Interactive's software, either (which is excellent IMHO).

If you don't want the images stolen, just serve thumbnails (and perhaps watermark those). Only serve the "paid for" high resolution photo after your payment mechanism verifies a valid transaction.

Just a thought.

Re: Can someone steal the photos from SimpleViewer ?

You can also pluck them from your temporary internet files.  As a photographer, I am going to start throwing a copyright/logo on the images in my galleries, that way IF they are stolen and posted elsewhere, at least people know where they came from.

In the end, if someone wants it, they will find a way to get it, not much that you can do.