Topic: Forward & Back Arrow Buttons

I would like to find out what the Flash commands are for the forward and backward arrow buttons in Auto Viewer Pro?

Basically I would like to create forward and backward links within some SWF based slides in my slideshow.

Please advise the commands so I can integrate them directly as links into the SWF files I am building.

Many Thanks.


Re: Forward & Back Arrow Buttons

you need to add the AutoViewer AS folder to your SWF class paths. Then do:

import com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.autoViewer.StageManager;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Forward & Back Arrow Buttons

Thank you Felix. I have been working on this a bit, but unfortunately to no avail.

I went into the publush settings of one of the FLA files I had created for the SWF slides I am using in Auto Viewer and which are the ones were I want to add "next" and "back" buttons.

Within the publish settings I clicked on the Flash tab, then I set the Action Script Version to 2.0 and went into settings. From there I set the Classpath to where the Autioviewer authoring directory is kept on my hard drive.

First question is, did I do this right so far?

The next question is, the code you provided, it should be added to the button I created in the FLA file as what sort of action command?

Thank you.

Re: Forward & Back Arrow Buttons

Unfortunately I could not work through your instructions on how to solve this problem Felix, although I wish I could have. Anyway, I needed to do something about it to make sure viewers were advancing to the next slide on my web site. So eventually I gave up trying and created my own solution which provides instructions to the viewer at the bottom of the slide itself. Not the solution I had hoped for, but at least I am more confident they will know what to do now to advance to the next slide. You can see the self created solution I implemented here: … llery.html