Topic: Fitting Viewer within HTML Page


I've been reading and have viewed the other postings on here regarding this... I have also lurked in the code of other sites that have a simpleviewer page in their site. And I'm still confused.

I have the proper code imbedded in the head and the body. View my efforts so far here: carminafoto (dot) com/pinup

I currently have the html file on top of a component (golive) as that was the only way I could get the viewer to show up. The slideshow isn't loading at all.

I've read about having the .xml - .js & .swf files in the same directory as the page. I'm not sure what that means exactly.... I have the folder in the same location as the html page, I'm not sure what else to do on that detail.

The larger issue is the fact that the simpleviewer window is splattered all over the page and won't stay in the right frame/column no matter what the sizes are. In fact, no size changes I make effect the end result in any way!

I'm really confused. I've hit a wall here. Any help is really appreciated.

Re: Fitting Viewer within HTML Page

nevermind... figured it out.

Now onto the next pickle....