Topic: Please Help me fix these little x's

Okay - I went back 7 pages of threads, and STILL can't make this work on my site.  I have finally gotten to the point where my gallery loads and shows the file names and such, but all my images are just X's.

I have checked the jpg vs JPG thing, and I have cleared my cache.  I am CLUELESS as to what I need to do, and frankly took about 8 hours to get this far.  I know nothing about coding, so any help has to be very specific. 

I really want to have multiple galleries - and I cant even get the first one to work.  PLEASE help!!!

It won't let me post my site info yet because I am new :(

Edited to add:  I believe my images are non-progressive, but perhaps that changed when I redid things in Picassa?  How do I even check in Picassa to make sure that is not the issue?

Re: Please Help me fix these little x's

Does your gallery work locally (on your machine)? How are you generating your gallery?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Please Help me fix these little x's

Okay - I did get the gallery up and running.  It had been running locally but not on my site.  I hadn't updated one of the files properly.

Now I have greated another gallery, but I am getting the install Flashviewer on the second gallery.  I know there were topics on this, so I will go searching -

BTW - they are generated with Picasa.

Re: Please Help me fix these little x's

Okay - Plenty of trial and error, both galleries are functional now- now I am working on customizing them -

I am trying to make back links to my home page

and I want to have one Gallery page - and then be able to navigate to all the different galleries from there.  Sigh....