Topic: Simple Viewer 1.7 Pro?


I just purchased SimpleViewer Pro and I noticed that I became the actual Version 1.8

So till I bought the Pro Version I always used the 1.7 Version together with Jalbum

When I now strated to change the viewer.swf to use the Pro Vbersion I noticed that all the Images are shown in a much bigger size than in the 1.7 Version, so all my pages look different and not that good than with the 1.7 Version

Also I dont like the mouse scrolling image move.

So i am really searching for a Pro Version 1.7 so that I could use this instead of my 1.8

Is there any chance to get it?

Best Regards!


Re: Simple Viewer 1.7 Pro?


To get a copy of SV-PRO v1.7, please fill out this form, stating that you want v1.7 in the comments field: … _form.html


Felix Turner

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simple Viewer 1.7 Pro?

Hi Felix!

Thx a lot for your help I just filled out the form!