Topic: Loading Large Image to Different Target [updated]


I've made significant progress on this post (see below), but am still stuck -- I want my large image to load into a mc that will fly into the scene.  it also has filters applied to it. I have supplied my file below.

I have it so I can add all the elements I want inside the mClip_mc.  the layout looks correct, and i'm able to add elements to it.  however, if you see the movie, the case that spins in (linkage name: "singleIn") is BEHIND the large image.  this is because I don't know how to load the image into the case "single" (which is inside singleIn).  if it loads inside the "single" mc, the artwork will spin in with the case.

i assume i will have to do some rewriting, and possibly redo how i built this, and that's ok. 

Source files are below!

thank you!

Re: Loading Large Image to Different Target [updated]

Here is my movie in question:

when you select an image, the record sleeve spins in with the large image on top.

however, as you can see the image loads into its target place, but does not spin in with the album cover. this is because i do not know how to load the image holder into the spinning case animation.

are there any ideas?

Here are my source files: …

I'm very close to getting this website done.  this is one of the last ingredients left!  thanks!