Topic: Position of main Prev/Next arrows


I have my whole gallery setup as I'd like now, just the arrows to jump forwards / backwards one image seem to automatically be centered on the Y axis. Is there a way I can move them down say 200px, or even a % value. Just so they are towards the bottom of the image rather than the middle.

I'd be very happy if there is a soloution.


Re: Position of main Prev/Next arrows

i know this works, but there might be a better method:
line 206
private function resizeImageNavButtons(){   

mBackBtn.setBtnPosn ( x, y);   
mNextBtn.setBtnPosn ( x, y);   
you can either add you move either statically or add some math to that it lowers 20%.  just modify the code in the y position.  example below.

    private function resizeImageNavButtons(){            
        //show image nav buttons if image is loaded and not an error    
        if (mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].loaded && !mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageLoadError){
            mButtonHolder_mc._visible = true;                
            var w = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageWidth;
            var h = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageHeight;        
            var imgx = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageX;
            var imgy = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageY;        
            var fw = mXMLManager.frameWidth;            
            var btnW = mBackBtn.btnWidth;                                
            mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx,imgy + h/2  - btnW/2 + 200px);    //modify here    
            mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w - btnW,imgy + h/2  - btnW/2 + 200px);//and modify here            
            mButtonHolder_mc._visible = false;