Topic: two issues with autoviewer

hey guys, I've been playing around with AutoViewer and I love it so far. I'm kinda new & retarded when it comes to all the coding. I'm having two small issues & i'm hoping someone can help.

I'm launching Autoviewer in a new window with this code...that I can't post here... :?

A) When it launches, I've got all this extra space at the top & bottom.

tinyurl . com / yu7sag

I'd ideally like it to open full screen so you can see the play button without having to scroll. I've found some javascript code, but i'm a little confused on how to implement it.

B) and is it possible to replace the solid colored background with a pattern? I've tried playing with the files, but can't seem to find anything.

thanks so much for looking. I'm not above digging around & figuring it out on my own if someone can point me in the right direction.

thanks a lot,