Topic: Thumbnails problem.

hello everyone,

Recently i installed Simpleviewer, it's a really good looking and easy to use gallery. I would like to change one thing about it though and i could use Your help.

Defaulf thumbs size is 45x45, in SimpleViewerFunctions.php i changed it to make 60x60px thumbs. All is going good but the fact now album names are shown half on the thumbanils. How i can make space between thumbnail and album name or what code should i input ?

I would aprreciate it if You could tell me what i need to change in SimpleViewer.php so it look good.

Thank You in advance,

Re: Thumbnails problem.

Not sure what 'SimpleViewerFunctions.php' is. Are you talking about SimpleViewerAdmin? If so, sorry I'm not familiar with that code. Try the SVA forum:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.