Topic: can I add one more text field

hi, right now simple view allow me to add a TITLE and a CAPTION, what about if I want to add one more, lets say, photo credit to work just like CAPTION, how can I do that.

Any Ideas?

Re: can I add one more text field

Ok, I follow both of treads on this topic (that I have found)

and I guess I'm almost there, I find myself in the same position as michaelt
"it give me a text with same caption as the first one. Can someone please help ? Do i need to modify any other files beside StageManager."

then he was able to fix it, something in the "XMLManager" any idea on what?



Re: can I add one more text field

I'll try continuing my spree of helping without really helping...

In XMLManager you'll probably need to add this around line 48:

public var yourtextfieldname:Array;

..and this around line 74:

yourtextfieldname = [];

and this around line 142:       


Maybe this was no news to you, but it might have helped. Beyond that, you got me beat.

Re: can I add one more text field

Thank you, I'll try this and let you know, it is great that these treads are keeping beeing looked at and things added