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Hello, I just discoverd your program and I'm ready to switch from BananAlbum ( to your excellet program.

But, and always there's a but, I have two issues (that I've think are easily fixed but I'm an stupid and thus I can't figure out by myself).

1.- Is there anyway to modify Picasa Script so it will show the JPG comment instead of the filename as caption? Since I do include a comment in EVERY file, I'd like Simple viewer to add it automatically. (if I can display EXIF data it'll be a plus, but jus the comment would do it).

2.- Since Spanish is my mother tongue -although I happen to speak English most of the day-, all my friends and family speak Spanish, so, I use "ñ" and cutes on vowels (á, é, ì, ò, ù) and sometimes umlauts. The problem is that, even though I have the encoding set to UTF-8, I can't get SimpleViewer to show the non english characters.

Once I have those two issues solved, I'll make the swithch without thinknig it. I love this program!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Non English Chars + Image Caption

To display EXIF, you will have to write something using PHP, perl ,etc to embed the EXIF between the caption tag.

I have a sample on up and running @

You could look at the result. There is a small help file on how to embed it using PHP if you know PHP there as well.


Simple Viewer FAQ By Kevin

Re: Non English Chars + Image Caption

I understand you, and thank you very much! But, I don't want to use PHP or any other thing. I have no problem with it, but try to tell my mom to use PHP to get it :)

Anyhow, I'll find something. Thank you!