Topic: Printing the photo


I bought the source code for Simleviewer Pro last week. At the moment I am ajusting a view things in SimpleViewer but I have a little problem.

I am making a print button who has to print everything in the movie clip which is holding the image. In short, I want to be able to print the image not the whole flash movie.

When I make a test mc with the instance name "test" en place it on the stage the following code work. But I don't know what the path is to the foto. It is probably something like _root.imageholder_mc, or something like that.

Does anyone have an idea?



print_mc.onRelease = function()
    var pageCount:Number = 0;
    var my_pj:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
    if (my_pj.start())

        if (my_pj.addPage(_root.test,{xMin:0,xMax:400,yMin:0,yMax:400},null, 1))
    // If addPage() was successful at least once, print the spooled pages.
    if (pageCount > 0){
    delete my_pj;