Topic: main image alignment

reposting. i cant see how this could be so hard. any suggestions welcomed:

i've been looking for this in the forum for a while, and have found close solutions for SV-Pro but not the exact issue.

Each picture loads fine in my stage area, but is CENTERED, while the caption stays aligned left. How can one just simply change the image to load left rather then moving the caption or changing too much.

I would post the site, but it's not allowing me to.
any help would be great!

link is at sameerakapila dot com

Re: main image alignment

Not sure if this is the best way, but it should work:

if you know the number, you can probably just add it to the
static var captionX:Number = 10; //X posn of Title text
IF fixed layout is set to true.

or controls the layout of the elements.  open this file up and find the function doLayout()

there's an "if" statement, so if your layout is fixed (based in do one thing, otherwise do the other

if (Options.fixedLayout)
//f it's fixed, replace 
//mCaption_mc._x = Options.captionX;
mCaption_mc._x = Options.imageAreaX + Options.imageAreaWidth/2;
//mCaption_mc._x = thumbX;
mCaption_mc._x = Options.imageAreaX + Options.imageAreaWidth/2;

hope this helps.

Re: main image alignment

i tried both ways, and got similar but undesired results.

The image image pushed itself left and down, making the nav and captions area disappear .