Topic: Big Problems with buildgallery and the "X" Factor

First: i don´t know how to describe my problem without useing links i did enter them with "hxxp://xxx" you have to change that...sorry, hope that is ok..

What i DId:

- Upload imageviewer to the directories where i want them on my sever
- Version: 1.8
- Upload the images in the "images" folder
- uploader buildgallery.php to the folder ot the galleries
- set all rights

First gallery went perfect!


then the problems started :-(

i got 2 problems:

The secound one, buildgallery worked ok again, but when i open the gallery i only geht the "x" :-( (it works perfectly offline after downloading)



So I went on to the third gallery:

now the "buildgalleryscript" does not want to run :-(( see for your self:


Please help me..i have NO Idea what i am doing wrong :-(((


Re: Big Problems with buildgallery and the "X" Factor

I did check that the filenames of the thumbs, the images AND the names inside of the xml files do match....

Please help...*sigh


Some things i found out:

- it seems the problem is the "gallery.xml" and/or "viewer.swf" file. Somehow it seems, that even thou i use different directories like "/gabi/" and "/schmuck/ensemble/" for the different galleries, somehow the different galleries seem to use the same "gallery.xml". Therefore it is no wonder, that i only get the "X" for the second gallery, because it does not find the pictures....

I tried changing all pathnames in my "index.html to absolute paths, but this did not help. Same to the "thumbs" and "images" paths in the "gallery.xml" file of the different folders. But this did not help....

Even tried the "multiple gallery" thingy....same problem ..


What am I missing??? :-((

Re: Big Problems with buildgallery and the "X" Factor

The one thing I noticed from your post is that you are calling the xml file like so "/schmuck/ensemble/" , instead do it without the first forward slash like this and see what happens "schmuck/ensemble/"

The xml file works in the same way



The following chunk of code is what goes in your page:

<script type="text/javascript">
   var so = new SWFObject("schmuck/ensemble/viewer.swf", "gallery", "550", "381", "8");
   so.addParam("quality", "high");
   so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");
   so.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "schmuck/ensemble/gallery.xml");
   so.addParam("xmlDataPath", "schmuck/ensemble/gallery.xml");
   so.addParam("title", "Gallery 2");   

Hope that helps