Topic: IE ActiveX protection again, even after all updates

Dear all, I have inserted SV into my local html page, all according to FAQ (script in the <head>, latest .js file, code exactly as per the FAQ....) but still, when I open in IE 6 or 7, I am prompted to allow the ActiveX, which disturbs of course...after that, all works fine. Is it because it is locally run, not online? Does anyone have any tip, please? I can of course send the Zipped files, if any of you would look at the code...basically, I am amateur in html, but this is quite simple task..seemed so :( Thanks in advance. David.

Re: IE ActiveX protection again, even after all updates


I'm not sure if this is the issue or not, but I came across a bit of information last night when I was trying to search for some answers myself.  Apparently using flash in an html doc requires the <embed> tags for the it to work. 

To prevent IE from prompting to allow the control all the time I read on another news group that you can place the <embed> tags within <object> tags.  You can also add the site to your trusted list on your browser.  Those were the two solutions I came across but I haven't confirmed nor tried those solutions.

If it works, let me know.


Re: IE ActiveX protection again, even after all updates

Thanks for reply....but apparently, nothing like this's perfectly OK when run online, using standard SV method with JS inserting the content, but once I run it locally (from hdd or cd) the prompt is still there in IE,. Can't anyone of you more experienced guys just tell me "it is normal, that's how IE behaves b nature" so that I can sleep in night instead of looking for solution? :) Thanks again...