Topic: couple of question before buying

i'd like to buy the autoviewer files for a project i'm doing right now but i need to know a couple of things before:

1) I read it can't manage many pics at a time but what if i want to use it on a cd so it doesn't need to load pics from a different source?

2) I'd need to call 4 galleries in 4 different languages, is it possible to call different autoviewer swf file, one for each language?

3) How much can i personalize the viewer(ie i want to add logos, text, ..)

4) (i know this has been asked before..but i need a precise answer to my needs) How can i call a pic, not from an icon/button but from a textfield? Because i have 150 pages per gallery i need to let the visitor write  a page number in a text field and call that page via a mc/button. is that possible?

Sorry for this many question, but i'm in a hurry for this project and i need to know quickly and precisely if autoviewer fits my need.

many thanx in advance