Topic: Gallery not found (new here)

Hello to all, and thanks for any help you can provide.    SV 1.8

I have never seen this issue, and I have racked my brain, even started from scratch with the whole site.

On my computer, with IE7/Flash Player 9, my menu (that is to be in the blue line across the page) and the simpleviewer work fine. On a few other peoples computers also. On some, they see the the page but no menu and gallery not found in SV. When I view index.html provided in zip it works fine on the peoples computers that the one embeded in my site didn't.

Can't post links yet, please excuse the cut and paste puzzle.
gingersnapsphotos com/simpleviewer/pics
gingersnapsphotos com/simpleviewer/index

Please help I have made and used many objects like this before and never ran into this issue before.

Thanks again for your help,