Topic: Can't open gallery.xml


I am using Dreamweaver mx 2004 on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

When I run the buildgallery.php it does all the image re-sizing  and then underneath it says "cant open gallery.xml" so this file is not created!

I have checked the permissions and it is read/write so what could the problem be?

Thanks for help.

Re: Can't open gallery.xml

I had that happen because the buildgallery.php file wasn't in the simpleviewer folder.  Have you made sure it's in the right spot?

Re: Can't open gallery.xml

Yes it is in the same folder as buildgallery.php... hmm dunno what to do. I cannot find, within dreamweaver, where you set file permissions... could that be the problem?

On my mac through the normal 'finder' I have selected the file 'gallery.xml' and gone to 'get info' where you can check that the file is readable/writable - is that enough?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Can't open gallery.xml

I don't use Dreamweaver, so I can't say about that.  But I can tell you that you can set file permissions by just using an FTP program.  Right click on the file and click properties.  Then check everything so the number is 777.