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HI All

I'd like to have the left/right arrows on the image to be at a minimum of 50% Alpha, in order to indicate to the user he can click on it.

normal state: 50%
rollOver state: 100%

Thaaaaaaaaanks a lot for any help


Re: Arrows at 50% Transparent

sorry, i should have mentioned it but I am using the pro one.

I am wondering in which .as and on which line i can edit this.

Re: Arrows at 50% Transparent


Approx. line 50
mFadeTwn = new Tween(mClip_mc, "_alpha", null, 0, 100, mTweenLen, false);

Re: Arrows at 50% Transparent

I discovered a different method of changing the alpha of the arrows.
Line: 58 (approx): mFadeTwn.continueTo(100,mTweenLen);
Change 100 to 50 for 50% opacity, although, IMHO 35 looks rather appealing and less cliche. Albeit, I may not be using the latest version but if the aforementioned solution doesn't work try mine.