Topic: Layout Issues

Hey people, i'm new here.
I just made this gallery seems I can't post the link until I have more posts.

The problems I currently have are as follows:
1. the gap at the top needs to be closed.
2. the simple viewer link at the bottom needs to be moved a bit left.

If anyone has any advice on how to fix these problems I'd be grateful.

Re: Layout Issues

ok I'll try to post the link
users . tpg . com . au / adsl8jey / gallery

Re: Layout Issues

sorry to keep bugging you guys...but i could really use some help here.

I figure if i post a few more times I can at least put the link in.

Re: Layout Issues

hey people, i'm slowly getting on top of it...I really just needa know how to move the link a tiny bit to the left now....i guess that can only be done by purchasing the full version...