Topic: Frontpage 2003 Question - Please Help -


I have a website and I want to use all 3 of the Airtight Flash Viewers since they are so cool ,

My problem is simple I guess ,  So once I export the pictures with Picasa 2, I have a folder with (-images-thumbnails-imageData.xml-index.html-readme.txt-viewer.swf-)

Where do I put this stuff ? Im not sure what folder to place it in , in "mywebs" for my website.

And not sure once its placed there, what do I do just make a hyper link to the index.html ?

And what do I do if I want more than one gallery ? do I put the folders in the same spot or different ? im lost !

Please help - Im using frontpage 2003 - and the new pages Im adding for the views will be totally blank if that helps. ???

Need directions step by step if possible - Please

Thank you  :?: