Topic: problem altering .as files


i am trying to change the border size of the
thumbnail frames and also the colour
i am doing this by altering the as files.

i am simply adding a hex value in the manner stipulated
its not working and is also sending my page out of whack completely

i.e cannot see anything but a back button

have tried many diff things but its not working

can anyone advise me on
a way to make these simple changes


dog ear colour
frame size
(of when visited thumb)
rollover size of thumb

i really appreciate your help


Re: problem altering .as files

this is the area of
i am trying to change

when i put a simple hex value in

static var imageFrameColor:Number = null;

change to

static var imageFrameColor:Number = #CC0099;

i get 96 actionscript errors

i have tried re-installing the files so many times now

spent 4hrs on i this morning

if felix or someone can help then i would be very grateful as driving me nuts.

rest of code

    //Colors (OPTIONAL)
    //If these are not set, color are loaded from XML options
    //Color values are hex-numbers like this: 0xff00ff
    static var imageFrameColor:Number = null; //color of main image frame and image nav buttons (overrides XML 'frameColor' value)
    static var thumbnailFrameColor:Number = null; //color of thumbnail frames    (overrides XML 'frameColor' value)
    static var pagingArrowsColor:Number = null; //color of thumbnail paging arrows (overrides XML 'frameColor' value)
    static var captionTextColor:Number = null; //color of captions text (overrides XML 'textColor' value)
    static var titleTextColor:Number = null; //color of title text (overrides XML 'textColor' value)

Re: problem altering .as files

hi all

have tried opening the as files in both
Flash cs3
flash 8

and also in textmate

but no luck

can anyone help



Re: problem altering .as files


instead of this:

static var imageFrameColor:Number = #CC0099; 

do this:

static var imageFrameColor:Number =0xCC0099; 
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: problem altering .as files

that did it

thank you for your good work

kind regards