Topic: Changing the ThumbArea

Hi Guys,
I've got a funny issue happening.  I have three galleries.  Each on there own.  Sorta like in the example.

i've got:

I've modified the the file to change the way the thumbnails sit on the top.  Instead of it centering it is supposed to be right aligned (i'm not using fixed width as I want the scalable imaging).  I changed the

thumbX = (w - mThumbArea.width)/2;


thumbX = w - mThumbArea.width;

in the case "top" section on line 228.

This worked for one of the gallery pages, however the other two pages have the thumbnails aligning to the first thumbnail.  Which also happens to align with the first thumbnail in the gallery that puts everything properly to the right.  It seems that all the thumbAreas have the same width.  Is there a way that I've totally missed to get the thumbnails to line up on the right hand side or to perhaps remove some predefined thumbArea width?