Topic: Preloader/caption question

I have inserted simpleviewer into a flash site.  The problem being that simpleviewer's preloader still pops up in the center of the stage and not the center of the gallery/image being loaded. 

I have my thumbs on the left and my main image on the right.  I'm using a fixed layout.  I'm also making my captions follow the lower left corner of the main image.  Any ideas?

Speaking of captions.  Since I have made them follow the left corner, they initially pop in at the upper left of the main image for a split second before repositioning to the lower left of the main image.  Is there any way to stop this or at least make the captions fade in from white/alpha 0 so that this won't be noticable?



Re: Preloader/caption question

To center the preloader in the SimpleViewer swf, set _global.SVStageWidth and _global.SVStageHeight to the width and height of the simpleviewer swf, before loading the SV swf.

_global.SVStageWidth = 640;
_global.SVStageHeight = 480;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Preloader/caption question

I'll give that a shot when I get home tonight.

Any thoughts on the captions?  Any way to make them fade in each time a new pic is loaded?



Re: Preloader/caption question