Topic: Simplevier - Admin

Hi All..

I am new to this wonderful program, and just letting you know how wonderful it really is.

However, I can't log into the SVA section.

I have downloaded SV 1.8 and the new SVA from the link from this website.

I have unzipped and uploaded the entire contents of SV 1.8 AND SVA into the same folder.

Now, I have to go to index.html for the simpleviewer gallery to show, but to enter the SVA Login I have to go to index.php - will the browser ever get confused and send visitors to my gallery into the login page accidently?

And also, it will not let me login....

Many thanks in advance.


Re: Simplevier - Admin

No, it won't get confused. 

When you click on a gallery notice the URL in your address bar.  Then index.php has a parameter that is passed with the album that your viewing.