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Hi, I found similar questions by searching the forums but none of them received any replies so I'm hoping this thread will be more successful..

What I'm trying to achieve is a grid of thumbnails in the middle of the stage where when you click one of them, the thumbs disappear and the large image appears. When you click the image it disappears and you are returned to the grid of thumbnails.

Is there any way that I can easily show/hide the thumbs and main image?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Re: Hiding thumbs/main image

This behaviour is not supported by SV-PRO. Making this change will require editing the Source Code.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Hiding thumbs/main image

Re: Hiding thumbs/main image

I've been sitting working my way through the source files day after day now but my understanding of flash/actionscript is unfortunately limited. While your explanation makes sense I just can't work out how to implement it. If there's any chance you'd be able to help me in a little more detail I would really appreciate it.

I'm not doing too badly - so far I can hide the thumbnails individually on mouse click and I can hide the main image on click. However I haven't worked out how to hide all the thumbnails at once (adding = false; to the thumbnail onPress doesn't seem to be doing anything) and I'm not entirely sure on the best way to stop a main image appearing when the gallery loads.

Re: Hiding thumbs/main image

Well I've managed to work out most things but if you're still around and could help with my last few problems that would be great.

I'm still not sure how to stop the first image showing when the gallery loads.
I'd like to know how to unselect a thumbnail when clicking on it so that it's not still selected when the image is re-hidden.
I'd like to be able to fade the thumbnails out/in to match the fading on the main image.
Also it would be nice to have the image on the top level so it appears from in front of the thumbs instead of from behind them.

Thanks for any help.