Topic: SWF dimensions within gallery

I've made a swf thumbnail and I have the fullsize animated swf succesfully added to a simpleviewer gallery.

The problem is that when I select the swf, the gallery creates a box 535 x 363 with the proper border and it scales the animated swf to about half size and aligns it to the top left of the box. The borders and alignment / image scaling work fine with jpgs.

I tried resizing the swf to 535 x 363 and republished it but the same thing occured, it was just scaled down.

I'm using a fixed layout, is there a place in the or somewhere else where the swf dimensions are set? Or perhaps something else that is overiding the dimensions of the flash file?

Re: SWF dimensions within gallery

Flash will calculate the size of the loaded swf based on what's on the stage of the root timeline. Make sure you don't have any masked or alpha=0 movieclips on your root stage.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SWF dimensions within gallery

Thanks, that was very helpful!