Topic: custom rollover (mouseover) state on thumbnail arrows

Thank you for providing a very flexible product that has been quite easy to customize using your documentation. I am just having trouble with one area.

I would like the thumbnail arrows to have custom rollovers. When I edit the library symbol, my custom arrow button displays but not the changes that are supposed to appear when mousing over and clicking the arrow. The arrow simply fades on rollover like in the uncustomized version.

How do I make it use my own up/over/down button states for the arrows?

Thanks in advance

Re: custom rollover (mouseover) state on thumbnail arrows

Maybe the solution could be found in
I'm poking around there now..

Re: custom rollover (mouseover) state on thumbnail arrows

Ive managed to find the solution for my problem at least. I don't know about you but I wanted a simple darker color change on hoover that stays as long as the user keeps mouse pointer on arrow.

In you'll find a couple of nifty functions. In onRollOut() and onRollOver() I added this with two different color values:


    var col = new Color(mBtn_mc);

In doFlash() I added a stop() and unactivated what I think is the line that runs the tween all around. This way the tween stops halfway.

private function doFlash(){        

And that last mFadeTwn.continueTo(100,1); I moved to onRollOut().

Maybe this helped a bit. It's a dirty solution and not that perfect, and some of the changes might not even be needed. But I got it working, and thast's all I care about at the moment.