Topic: Multiple Gallery Cache issue file error

First up, I love Simple viewer. Fantastic app, so customisable. However. I have a problem. I have searched high and low on the forum for a similar issue but there does not appear to be anyone else with this same error.

I will attempt to make this brief.

I purchased the Pro version of Simple viewer.

Totally understand how to do custom layout using the file.

I totally understand how to have multiple galleries of simple viewer all loaded into a Master SWF file. eg. wwwDOTdannykildareDOTcom

Each gallery loaded into the swf file is its own unique simpleviewer swf file. The only difference between each gallery swf file is the path to the XML file. Thus multiple galleries.

This system works flawlessly, HOWEVER

I am now developing another website using exactly the same technique. BUT with one difference. I have multple galleries, but the layouts vary slightly. i.e. size of images, position of titles etc.

Therefore I problem. I simply change the Options file and some of the variables and export the separate gallery files. They are all different swf files so I should be able to load each of the galleries and get my different layouts. No problem.


I create the gallerys, all the different layout is correct. but here is the twist. Whatever gallery I load first loads all its layout correctly. But when I load a different gallery that is supposed to have a different layout, it SOMEHOW adheres to the first galleries file changes.

eg. wwwDOTliquidcreationsDOTcomDOTau/ssp

you will click on the link NEW POOLS

It loads the gallery fine with a nice big image.

Then you click on RENOVATIONS

You will see a bit of text to the right , but the image displayed is the same size as NEW POOLS gallery displaying right underneath the text.

NOW, if you reload the site and first goto RENOVATIONS
you will see that it formats the image size correctly, but then you click on NEW POOLS, and all the image sizes are small like in renovations.

This is not an issue with the XML file, as it is certainly referring to the correct files, and thus loading the correct images. It is definitly loading different simpleviwer swf galleries.

Is there something that you have programed in to the way the swf files work to store the settings in cache somewhere? That is the only thing I can think of that is giving us this problem. Like I said, if your layout never has to change, then this problem is no big deal, but if you want different layout for different galleries, there is this wierd issue.

Any thoughts, really desparate to get this site up and running.


Re: Multiple Gallery Cache issue file error

I don't know if I solved this with what I did or what, but anyone with this problem could try the following:

*renaming a couple of things, won't take long with find and replace...
What I did was change every instance of "simpleViewer" in code with "simpleViewerMYVERSION"
(e.g. import com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewerMYVERSION.Image;)

*publish the swf with different name as well

So I just tried to separate the two instances of galleries from each other completely...

(my previous entry below...)
I'm having a similar problem to that of liquidcreations. Anyone have any ideas what to try so far?

I'm loading two simpleviewer pros inside another swf file, actually loading one straight inside the parent swf, then another inside some other 'child' swf later on...

That is not the problem, but the fact that first one has correct layout, the next always wrong, which ever order I end up loading them... So exactly like liquidcreations post...

The reason I have two different simpleviewers is that I needed different kind of navigation buttons in addition to different layout in the other gallery. I even renamed the viewer swf files, but they still interfere with each other. I could not think of a way to do this with just one viewer, but thought it would work perfectly with two separate ones...

Should I keep renaming things inside the .fla and .as files until they don't interfere anymore or what??

Great viewer though!

Re: Multiple Gallery Cache issue file error

If you want multiple SimpleViewer galleries in one shell swf where each gallery has different ActionScript options, do the following:

In the shell swf code before loading the new gallery swf, explicitly set the AS option like this:

//load a new gallery with wide thumbnails
import com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options;
Options.thumbnailHeight = 120;
_root.xmlDataPath =  "gallery.xml2"; 
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.