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What I want to do is use photobucket to host images I use the guide below

w w w. setugarg dot com / SimpleViewerXMLGenerator/

but all I get is below

w w w. worldeasy dot com / arsenal /chav

is there a way of fixing this or what am I doing wrong.

Pics are up on photobucket but not the thumbnails


Re: Photobucket and Simpleviewer

I think changing the Values for width and height into absolute values (in the html file) may help. Is this even a simpleviewer? The Images look different, when they load

Yeah tried changing it but then they became huge. It is a simpleviewer

The images load but to 1000 smaller

Anyone got any other ideas?

Will post the html later

Re: Photobucket and Simpleviewer


I still cannot post urls  :x  :?:

The html of the gallery page is located at

w w w . worldeasy . com / arsenal / chav / gallery . xml

Not sure what to change can anyone advise ?


Re: Photobucket and Simpleviewer

Ok will try that and post the outcome

Thanks for the help

Cheers  :mrgreen:

Re: Photobucket and Simpleviewer

well it worked

Downloaded the latest version and it worked

Still cannot post url but thanks for the help