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Hey there everyone,

Having trouble with something and was hoping to get some help. I'm using SVpro and discovered the thumbnail "next" and "prev" arrows are intersecting with my captions. To fix this I'm looking for a way to edit the positioning of the arrows and captions. Is there a way I can do this by using absolute pixel values?

I found something on the forums but the solution is well beyond my technical prowess in actionscript.

I can copy and paste with the best ofem sure, it's just that I don't know what any of it means. As a result pixel pushing in this case is tough for me.

To add to the problem, I'm not entirely sure on how this "Should" look in the end. If I can play around with the placement a bit more it'll make life a lot easier.

I appreciate your help!

Re: Caption, Arrow intersections

Well I found "A" solution not ideal but doable for the time being.

I changed the thumbnail size and increased the columns/rows.

Still if anyone has a suggestion. I'd really appreciate the input.

Re: Caption, Arrow intersections

To set the positions of the paging arrows relative to the caption, use the following SV-PRO AS Options:

Note, to use these you need to also set the fixedLayout AS Option to true.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Caption, Arrow intersections

Oh cool, Thanks a lot.
I think I ended up editing the wrong tag. My solution was kinda weak so this helps loads!!!

Re: Caption, Arrow intersections

Ok so I've followed the steps and am noticing something else.
When I change fixedLayout AS the layout changes dramatically.

See, I love the layout the way it is now. Manipulating the values of each item to get it to fit the way I want is taking some time.
If I could just get the captions to move down 10-20 pixels I'd be set!!! Is there a way to do Just that?

Re: Caption, Arrow intersections

I figured it out!

Moving stuff around in simpleviewer.fla gives the results I'm looking for.