Topic: forward, backward and play

I'm not a coding expert - it tends to just look like greek to me. And I AM greek, so that's sad.

At any rate, I would like to reduce the hotspot of the forward, backward and play buttons to the size of the buttons themselves, or at least smaller than they are currently, in the default configuration. I have buttons and links in my images, and I can't get to them because the navigation overrides it.

At any rate, any insight into where these controls are, and how I ca change them? Thank you!

Re: forward, backward and play

It's set in

do a search for:


This is for the next button. Math.round(w/2) sets it to half the width of the movie. Be aware that if you put an exact number in there it may not work correctly if the browser window is resized. So you'll probably want to  just want to adjust what it's being divided by (the 2).

Also, note that the other buttons are set idividually (mBackBtn, and mPlayBtn etc)


Re: forward, backward and play

Believe it or not, I'm just getting back to this. I've changed the parameters as you suggest, Adam... but nothing changes in the browser at all. I've changed the width division to by 3, by 4, by 6... no change at all.

And yes, I am re-creating the viewer.swf after I change the files.