Topic: Swf go to swf of simpleviewer without html & add button

Hi all,
I've purchased simpleviewer and it's very cool I like it =).
Now I want to customize but I'm not very good in code.

So here it's my problem, I make a book for me but I don't want the gallery of simpleviewer in a web page (html). I save the swf of simpleviewer fla, when I click on it the load is good. But I made a button in my interface which goes towards the swf of simpleviewer and flash said me error "can't load gallery.xml, loading xml : false" etc.
You see what I want to do just swf to swf and no html. If you have a solution for me.
And if you know how to do that, now I need to add a button back to return in my interface, I try to make one the fla of simpleviewer but if the window of the swf becomes fullscreen my button stay at his position...
Thank you by advance for help because I have nobody to help me in code therefore here I rely upon to you. And sorry for my english.